For once I was well in time, writing a blog post about Desucon just a week after it. Then, once I was about to proudly announce the publication of the post, it disappeared. Now, almost a month after Desucon, I'm writing the whole thing all over again. I can only hope it's going to be as good as the first one.  Some new products I had on sale f...

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Travelling to Turku to attend Umicon was one of those kinds of trips where I basically spend the whole day on a train. Waking up before 5 am, getting to the train before 6 am, sleeping the few first hours of the way, then killing time and changing the train until finally, late in the afternoon, I arrive to my destination.  Usual...

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Yukicon, which was held in Helsinki during February, was my first event in 2018. I'd gladly have participated Desucon Frostbite but when I contacted the organizers all their tables had already been reserved. So, going to Yukicon it had been a while since I had been in any event and I was very happy to get away from my little apartment for...

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 It's been three weeks since Ropecon, and a week since I returned from Worldcon. That's plenty of time to recover enough to finally write something about those two events which both took place in Helsinki, at Expo and Convention Centre. Honestly, it feels to me that Ropecon was a little warm-up before "the real deal", Worldcon. The three days ...

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The Evolution of My Table


It's been 9 months since I attended an event for a first time to sell my products (Kitacon 2016). Now, let's take a look at how it all started: As can be seen above, my first representation wasn't that appealing but at least all the products were there. Such thing as a table cloth hadn't even crossed my mind and so I ended up using a blanket that I...

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Desucon Frostbite 2017

Desucon Frostbite 2017

At the end of January I travelled to Lahti to attend Desucon Frostbite. Of course, as the purpose was for me to sell my products there, I had to take all of them with me (In the image above you can see my working space while I was preparing for this event). With a heavy backpack and a suitcase I travelled all day by taxi, by train and finally the l...

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