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Jasu Wonder World Calendar 2019 - June (wip)


 Halfway there! (even though, at the time this post is being published I'm almost done with all the illustrations)

The original being only A4-sized and the painting itself being relatively simple, this bunny took me surprisingly long time to finish (10-12 hours). The flowers around her were the most time-consuming. However, I became faster with them by every flower I painted. The first flower took the most time and the last the least. Painting the first couple of flowers I needed to figure out the way I should use the colors to get the flowers look the way I wanted to. If you take a closer look at the two flowers in the top left corner, you'll probably notice how their petals look a little thicker compared to the rest of the flowers. Their shading isn't as flawless either. But if this doesn't teach us that practice makes perfect then I don't know what does.  This is something that actually happens to me a lot when I paint: I have a clear idea what kind of effect I want to achieve but a few attempts are required until I get the results I am looking for. This has taught me to keep on trying different things if I don't succeed at the first go. There has not been a single time that I haven't eventually found the solution, so I advice all you people who want to improve your artistic (or other) skills to try different tricks and methods if something is not working for you. That said, enjoy the work-in-progress pictures, as always!

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Thursday, 01 June 2023

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