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JWW 2021 Calendar - June, July, August and September


I was convinced I would only have a chance to make a new blog post in January 2021, but it turns out I was wrong. Since this evening it's snowing outside and I cannot do my usual calendar/book sales, I decided to give you some work-in-progress material of my wonderful 2021 calendar! I'm going to introduce June, July, August and September, all in the same post.

"Mouse Town", the illustration of June. As a kid one of my favorite books was the complete collection of "Brambly Hedge" (and now that I remembered it I realized I need to get that book for myself!). The illustrations are absolute magic and so inspiring I get goosebumps just looking at them.

The illustration of August; a happy seal sunbathing with his friends...or are they just mossy rocks?

The illustration of July; bear cubs trying to catch some fish. The idea here was to have the fish floating on top of the water, or is it that the bear cubs are underwater? You decide... it could be either way, this is all happening "In the Wonder World" after all.

The illustration of September; in the Wonder World the trees are so giant the deer use them as their highways to walk through the forest. 

The calendars are still available on Wonder SHOP, with several different languages options to choose. Also, make sure to subscribe to Jasuwonderworld YouTube channel to say up to date on the speed painting videos that feature the painting processes of these calendar illustrations and a lot more. 

Here are all the four illustrations scanned. The original paintings and prints will soon be available on Wonder SHOP, some cards and magnets featuring these illustrations are already there. :) 

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