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JWW 2022 Calendar - April


If you think the girl in this illustration looks a little like me, then you wouldn't be wrong. This girl's appearance was inspired by what happens when my hair has been braided for a few days. You can find her outfit in my wardrobe too. 

I wanted this illustration to have strong "spring vibes" and included a few things that bring that feeling to me; bright green and yellow (especially in nature), birds and their singing, increasing warmth after the long winter... I'm so glad that even though I live close to the city center of Rovaniemi, the view opening through my window is not buildings or cars, but a forest. It brings me such happiness in the morning when I open the blinds and I see the trees, the big, small joys of life. <3


The finished, scanned illustration.

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Thursday, 01 June 2023

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