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JWW 2022 Calendar - August


Long time no blog post! But that's because the last couple of months of 2021 I was too busy to prioritize making blog posts. Instead, I prioritized getting sufficient sleep in order to be able to finish my busy season while maintaining mental sanity, which I did and I'm most proud!  

But that's enough of that. Now, let me share the work-in-progress material of the 8th illustration of the 2022 calendar; August!

Below you find the few wip pics I took of the painting process. I guess this was one of those paintings I was so focused to work on I forgot to take more pics along the way...

Here's the very first tiny sketch I made before starting to work on the actual illustration.

As usual, below you find the scanned version of the artwork to get a more realistic idea of the colors I used. The calendar is still available here on Wonder SHOP if you haven't gotten yours yet! 

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Thursday, 01 June 2023

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