My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 14


To get to the comic diary update where I start covering my healing journey, click here 

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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 12


As a little bonus, below you see a page from the very first finished comic I created about the girl and the Pegasus. The page on the right is from Niki's story.

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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 10, "My Artist Dream"


You can find the earlier comic diary update about Lena Furberg  here.

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My Wonderful Artist Life - Comic Diary, part 6


 The incident where I asked a stranger to drive me to the railway station is here in this earlier comic diary update.

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My Wonderful Artist Life - Comic Diary, Part 5


 Lately I've been sharing details of my early artist career, and the events that lead to the decision to pursue such a path to begin with. There are so many things that have happened that I simply cannot share every detail. However, I hope this comic diary gives you at least a rough idea of my journey so far. Enjoy! 

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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 3


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29 November 2023
Comic Diary
Jasu the Artist
Having finished this comic diary update months ago, I think it's about time I finally uploaded it, eh?  Just one disclaimer before we dive into the diary; If you follow me on social media, you might've come across the news of me moving to Helsin...
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19 February 2019
watercolor painting
All the illustrations for the story of Sebastian have been finished at last. I'm hoping to be able to send the story file to publishers as soon as possible.  In this blog post you'll find all the...
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04 April 2019
watercolor painting
This painting took me surprisingly little time considering it was A2-sized. But then again, the commissioner wished the painting to remain rather simple and wanted the surroundings of the couple ...
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25 June 2019
watercolor painting
If you're wondering why there's been silent on this blog during the past few months, it's because of a little renovation it went through. However, the wait is over now and I can present you the w...
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09 November 2018
watercolor painting
 The stare of this wolf became just as captivating as I wanted to! Also, the bright red roses together with the dark gray and blue tones of the wolf gave this painting an atmosphere exactly as I ...
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