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The Creation of My Biggest Watercolor Painting Commission


Nine rats living in a fantasy forest; the most detailed large-scale painting I've ever done so far. The painting process took me about one and a half months from start to finish, though I should point out I did not work on this commission full-time. I also had other tasks and projects that I worked on during that time. Still, it is safe to say I have never used so much time on a single painting. Unfortunately, I really can't say how many hours it took me to finish this piece... somewhere between 50 and 100 hours is as precise as I can get. But let's get to the actual process of creating this painting now...

This is the first sketch I made based on the description of what the client wanted.
After showing the client the first sketch, I edited it based on the improvements they wished to have. The client was happy with this second sketch and so I used it as a base for the actual painting.

Basically, what the client ordered from me was a 120 x 50 cm watercolor painting, including some of their beloved rats. The surrounding they wanted for these rats was a detailed fantasy forest, with a lot of things to see and find. Also the colors of the forest should be fantasy-like, not too realistic and dull, which, to me, was certainly not a problem. After spending some time sending emails back and forth, learning more about the rats and their personalities, I created a sketch that the client was happy with and the creation of a painting could start. 

To get the proportions right, this is how I started to sketch on the watercolor paper.
The blank piece of paper waiting for me to start drawing on it.

In the gallery below, there are plenty of pictures of the drawing and painting process.

Some of you may have noticed from the gallery pictures that the painting was so wide it did not fit completely on my working table. This was a small inconvenience but nothing that I'm not used to, for it happens every time I'm working on a large-scale painting. It simply reminded me that I had not created such a painting for a long time. 

Never mind the messy room behind, for this photo of me holding the original artwork gives an idea of the actual size of the painting. To better see all the details and colors of this artwork, see the scanned picture of the painting below.

"The Little Inhabitants of a Wondrous Forest"

The client has just contacted me to inform that they have received the original painting and that they're very happy with it. After all the hours of working on this project, it is the greatest reward to hear that. Every commission I create I always do my best to fulfill my client's wishes and I'm immensely happy to know that, once more, I managed to do just that. Thank you for commissioning me, it has been a beautiful journey! 

Video material of the painting process is coming soon on Jasuwonderworld YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe if you haven't done so yet! :)

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Thursday, 01 June 2023

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