My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 17


Having finished this comic diary update months ago, I think it's about time I finally uploaded it, eh?  Just one disclaimer before we dive into the diary; If you follow me on social media, you might've come across the news of me moving to Helsinki. Now, this comic diary update is not referring to my Helsinki apartment, but the apartment I'm st...

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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 15


Oh dear... It's been about one and a half YEARS since my last comic diary update! About time we fixed this. If you can't exactly remember where we left off (wouldn't be a surprise at this point), here's a link to the previous part of the diary.And if you need even more refreshing for your memory, here are all the 14 previous comic diary updates. An...

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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 4


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