We move on with the calendar illustrations!  Today you get to see the illustration of June. If you follow me on social media, you might be aware that I finished all the 12 calendar illustrations some time ago. That means there are several blog posts to be made about them! ;)

That said, let's move to the creation of June...

I only now realize that in my very first sketch the cows in the background are a lot more lively than what I actually ended up with. Except for the flying cow, of course.
The finished illustration ended up having more cats though... (=•́ܫ•̀=)

I purposely chose to feature soy milk in the illustration instead of cow's milk, for I personally don't use any dairy and soy milk is what I prefer. I like to create artworks based on my own experience and vision; that way I feel I can create art that is easy for other people to dive in. In my opinion, they feel more realistic no matter how unrealistic they may look on the outside. Thus, having cow's milk in the illustration just did not feel right to me.

Above is a collection of the work-in-progress photos of the artwork. Below you find the finished, scanned illustration. The calendar itself should be available for purchase soon!