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This is the blog of Jasu. Jasu is a Finnish based watercolor, digital and comic artist.

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Blog of Jasu. Artist at Jasu Wonder World Company

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2021 Calendar "In the Wonder World" - February


The illustration of February was very simple and took me only a few hours to finish. My main idea was to have a dark pond/lake in the middle of a forest, with everything dark and still. I wanted the scene to radiate silence so deep you can almost hear it from the image. The unicorn is in the center of the painting; it is the only source of light in the dark forest,emitting a magical, almost eerie glow. 


Watercolor Speed Painting - Magical Unicorn - YouTube

This is the illustration of February for my upcoming 2021 calendar, enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe! :) See more of my artwork and follow me on so...

On the left there is the scanned, finished painting. Above you can find a time-lapse video of the painting process of this calendar illustration. 

JWW Calendar 2021 - March
2021 Calendar "In the Wonder World" - January

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Sunday, 05 July 2020