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I want to begin this post by announcing the tragedy that happened to my previous blog post about Desucon. It was the longest and nicest post I had created in a good while, but now it is gone. Destroyed.

I don't know what happened, it simply disappeared. Not even a draft was left behind. And of course, this happened before I saved all the text (which I do with all the blog posts). This means I'll have to remake the post and write everything all over again…

Every time there's something unfortunate that happens to me, I ask myself: "What do I learn from this?" From now on, I'll save the text as a PDF document BEFORE I even add it on the blog.

Now, to the actual magic business…
Some of you may know by now (thanks to the time-lapse video that was published earlier) that I used to be a passionate Harry Potter fan as a teenager. I still love the books and the movies (the books are better though) and I wouldn't be surprised to find myself re-living the stories for the rest of my life every few years.

So, I wanted to create an illustration for my coloring book inspired by the world of Harry Potter: All the items and creatures that would come to my mind thinking of the magical world. I especially enjoyed coming up with all the titles for the books in the picture. If you ever get this coloring book in your hands, please take the time to go through all of them. It might be that your long-lost favorite is right there.

Time lapse video of the drawing process can be found on Jasuwonderworld YouTube channel. ♥

All the three versions of Jasu Wonder World coloring books are available on Wonder SHOP, get yours there! ♥


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Monday, 21 September 2020
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