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The King of the Forest - JWW 2021 Calendar, "In the Wonder World"


I've painted several different deer, but this is only my second moose. My first painting featuring a moose is actually an illustration in the story of Sebastian; you see, Sebastian's teacher is a moose. 
This moose that I painted for the upcoming calendar is a bit more realistic, but not too realistic, since the calendar is all about Wonder World. That is why I added a little touch of "magic" into his majestic antlers, making them resemble the vegetation around him.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the way this painting turned out; it is just as fresh and green as any illustration for a spring month should be.

As always, my phone camera distorts the colors a bit. The scanned image shows the colors more accurately.

The King of the Forest - Painting a Majestic Moose with Watercolors (time-lapse) - YouTube

This is the illustration of April for my upcoming 2021 calendar, enjoy the video, leave a comment and subscribe! Also, make sure to check out my website and ...

Here you can watch the time-lapse video of the painting process of this illustration.

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30 June 2019
This is amazing. Great work Jasu like usual... me love it
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