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This is a sketch of two characters from a story I want to create in the future as a comic. Here you can see the main character of the "Dragon Story". This is not the story's official name of course, but as long as the real name is a secret, I'll refer to this particular story with that name. For now, I'll keep the names of these two characters a secret as well. All I want to say is that this story must be the one of all my stories, that I look forward to creating the most. 
        I'm still considering different options for the clothes of the main character, but this is a good, rough idea of the way she's going to be dressed. The design of the dragon I'm starting to be very happy about, and don't feel like I need to work on it much anymore.

The second illustration has been finished for my 2021 calendar; February. By clicking on the arrow below, you'll get to a blog post to find out more about the process of its creation.

Watch a time-lapse video of the creation of this calendar illustration.

This is the first illustration (January) for Jasu Wonder World 2021 calendar. The theme for this calendar is "In the Wonder World". By clicking on the arrow below you'll get to a blog post about this particular painting. 

I saw these wonderfully amazing creatures in a dream some days ago. I thought their beauty should be shared so I decided to make a simple colored sketch of them.  

Here's the latest sketch of "my favorite dragon", as you may have come to know her. You might notice how I changed her design a little bit. I used to draw her to look more heavy-built (especially the head and the neck) but it kept bothering me and so I tried out making her more slim. This did the trick and I'm a lot happier with her appearance now. She looks more flexible and light, and the feeling she brings about is closer to what I've been aiming for. There are still some things I'm probably going to adjust about her design but this is good for now.

The Little Inhabitants of 
a Wondrous Forest

My most recent, most detailed commission with the size of 120 x 50 cm. This fantasy-forest took me a while to finish and if you're interested in finding out more details of the process of creating it, just click the arrow to get to a blog post about this particular watercolor painting commission on Wonder BLOG.


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