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-The price of the commissioned artwork is always individually defined.

-However, the price is most affected by the size and details of the artwork.

-Here are some rough examples that may help you to get an idea of the prices:

Small amount of details   

A4, about 150 euros                                      

A3,  300-500 euros

A2, 600-900 euros

A1, 900-1200 euros

Great amount of details


A4, about 300 euros

A3, 500-800 euros

A2, 900-1400 euros

A1, 1500-2000+ euros

Here’s an example of a painting with small amount of details:


Here’s an example of a painting with great amount of details:


Below you can see commissions made with alternative techniques; markers, pencils and colored pencils. Prices for these these kinds of commissions may vary from those of watercolor paintings.