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Original Painting - Adam & Eve

Artist's note: "I’m sure the story of Adam and Eve is familiar to all of us. I wanted to bring some extra contrast to the painting with their outer appearance: Female-male, light-dark."

The size of the original painting is 50 x 65 cm


Original Painting - Green Sunrise

Artist's note: "This is one of the early paintings of my official artist career and I did not yet have the confidence to create something more ambitious and imaginative. I had a great fear for failure when I was creating this artwork and felt nervous while painting. If I were to re-create this painting now, I’d make the tail of the peacock larger in size and more complex in detail."

The size of the original painting is 65 x 52 cm



Original Painting - The Queen of the Jungle

Artist's note: "I just really wanted to create a tiger that would have her stripes formed by leaves."

The size of the original painting is 32 x 36 cm


Keywords: tiger, jungle, original painting, cat, cats


Original Painting - Lion King

Artist's note: "A portrayal of confidence. A practice painting from 2015, and I think I totally needed all that confidence at the time."

The size of the original painting is 27 x 32 cm


Keywords: lion, cat, cats, original painting


Original Painting - Mermaid

Artist's note: "An early watercolor practice. A very simple one, though it felt like a great achievement to me at the time. I was amazed to find out I was able to paint things like this, it was as if I had just started discovering artistic abilities I didn’t know I had."

The size of the original painting is 20 x 35 cm



Keywords: mermaid, water, ocean, dolphin, sea


Original Painting - Aurora Eagle

Artist's note: "This was a commissioned illustration for a company. They only bought the right to use the scanned image so I still have the original."

The size of the original painting is 69 x 58 cm


Keywords: eagle, birds, aurora borealis, norhtern lights, sky, original painting


Original Painting - Playtime

Artist's note: "This painting was one of the very first large-scale artworks I ever created and was a real patience-test for me. There were a few times I wanted to give up or more or less needed to force myself to keep going. However, thanks to these big and detailed paintings my patience has improved incredibly."

The size of the original painting is 101 x 74 cm


Keywords: orcas, killer whales, water, ocean, sea, original painting, polar bears, winter, snow, ice


Original Painting - Pegasus

Artist's note: "I originally wanted to make this horse a lot lighter, almost white, but he ended up quite deep blue instead. This painting taught me a very important lesson when it comes to watercoloring; always paint the first layer very light because, when it comes to watercolor, it’s easy to go darker, but very hard (sometimes impossible) to go lighter once the color has been put on the paper."

The size of the original painting is 36 x 50 cm


Keywords: horses, pegasus, clouds, sky, magical, fantasy, original painting




Original Painting - The Tree of Thoughts

Artist's note: "This painting represents the act of meditation; an alert awareness and the passing thoughts as the fruits of the tree."

The size of the original painting is 65 x 80 cm


Keywords: tree, owl, fantasy, fairy tale, original painting


Original Painting - The Observer

Artist's note: "Something that greatly helped me to get out of a deep depression was to learn how to observe my own thoughts. This painting reflects the process of learning how to listen: The owl is a silent observer, the awareness, looking at the world and seeing everything that's happening."

The size of the original painting is 50 x 65 cm


Keywords: owls, yin and yang, fantasy, original painting


Original Painting - Puffy the Tiger

Artist's note: "This painting was a simple practice painting and I never thought it would be such a popular Christmas card that it later became."

The size of the original painting is 29 x 33 cm


Keywords: cats, tigers, christmas, winter, cute, snow, original painting, xmas


Original Painting - Siblings

“We stare into each other’s eyes, and what we see is no surprise”. 

The size of the original painting is 92 x 66 cm


Keywords: original painting, tigers


Jasu Wonder World features products inspired by the original artworks of the artist, Jasmine Hintsala


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