Original Painting - Lily Pond



Original Painting - Dinner Company



Original Painting - Starry Sky



Original Painting - Fierce

Artist's note: "Originally a t-shirt design. A portrayal of fierceness that is gentle yet strong and determined."

The size of the original painting is 32,5 x 40,5 cm


Keywords: lion, cats, butterfly, fantasy, original painting



Original Painting - Spiral Tails

Artist's note: "Out of a plain desire to create playful foxes, for they are one of my favorite art subjects."

The size of the original painting is 80 x 57 cm


Keywords: foxes, playful, friendship, original painting


Original Painting - Is Anyone Home?

 Artist's note: "Many of us live our lives without ever stopping to question the choices we make, without much thought spared for the direction we take. We keep moving on without knowing, or caring, where we’re going. The lights are on but no one’s home."

The size of the original painting is 24 x 28 cm





Original Painting - Good Old Times

Artist's note: "What has passed will never come back but remains in our memories. These memories and experiences have shaped the dress of the lady; The cuckoo clocks are different phases of her life, all unique, yet all part of the same dress."

The size of the original painting is 55 x 90 cm


Keywords: woman, clocks, time, hawk, dress, fairy tale, original painting


Original Painting - Autumn Falls

Artist's note: "This painting represents the constant state of change."

The size of the original painting is 85 x 101 cm


Keywords: deer, stag, autumn, fall, owls, birds, forest, fantasy, fairy tale, original painting


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