Wonder SHOP – Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions

Wonder SHOP is an online store operated by Jasu Wonder World, a company founded by Jasmine (Jasu) Hintsala (business number 2786742-1). Wonder SHOP is hosted on www.jasuwonderworld.com and governs the relationship between Wonder SHOP and its clients.

By utilizing Wonder SHOP, placing product orders on the online store, or registering as a user, the client acknowledges and accepts these general terms and conditions and agrees to abide by them. The presentation of Wonder SHOP on www.jasuwonderworld.com reflects its current state.

2. Consumer Protection

Clients of Wonder SHOP can be either private individuals (referred to as "regular customers") or companies/communities (referred to as "business customers"). The interaction between Wonder SHOP and regular customers is also subject to consumer protection legislation in force at the time. The interaction between Wonder SHOP and business customers is primarily governed by these general terms and conditions, with secondary considerations from the relevant trade laws at the time.

3. Client's Personal Information and Privacy Protection

When conducting business on Wonder SHOP, certain information, such as purchase history, is stored in the customer register. The handling and purpose of this information are detailed in the privacy statement on www.jasuwonderworld.com. The Privacy Statement outlines the client's rights and their ability to influence how their personal information is managed. The Privacy Statement may change in response to changes on www.jasuwonderworld.com or in general legislation.

Registering as a client on Wonder SHOP or placing product orders on the online store necessitates the client providing at a minimum their name, address, email address, and phone number to www.jasuwonderworld.com. Business customers are also required to provide their business number. The information supplied by the client is stored in Jasu Wonder World's customer register. It is the client's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their information and to notify of any changes in their personal details.

Jasu Wonder World assumes responsibility for the proper handling of clients' personal information. This information is used to manage the relationship between Wonder SHOP and the client, as well as for other legitimate purposes, including direct marketing.

Jasuwonderworld.com uses cookies to ensure a user-friendly experience on the website. A cookie is a small text file that the browser saves on the client's device. Acceptance of cookies is necessary for the full use of the www.jasuwonderworld.com website.

4. Client Registration and Account Creation

By completing a registration form on www.jasuwonderworld.com, the client establishes a personal account that they can access using their account name and password. The client is responsible for safeguarding their account name and password to prevent unauthorized access or use. The client is accountable for all orders and payments made through their account.

Clients have the option to request the removal of their account at any time by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Jasu Wonder World may terminate any account if such action is deemed justified, for instance, in cases of misuse or abuse.

5. Placing an Order

An order placed on Wonder SHOP is considered confirmed when the client's payment is verified. The order confirmation will display the confirmed purchases made by the client. Wonder SHOP reserves the right to decline any order.

Wonder SHOP may reject or cancel a client's order at any stage of the shipping and handling process, regardless of whether an order confirmation or shipping confirmation has been sent. If specific products are out of stock, Wonder SHOP can cancel the order for those items only. Canceling or rejecting an order has no consequences for Wonder SHOP, and this action must occur within seven (7) days following the order confirmation.

Please note that special conditions apply to the purchase of original paintings (refer to section 15, "Conditions for Purchasing an Original Painting").

6. Product Pricing

Product prices on Wonder SHOP can be found on www.jasuwonderworld.com at the time of placing an order. Prices include value-added tax unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change at any time, except during predetermined campaigns with specific start and end dates. Product prices do not include shipping fees.

During a sales campaign, special offers are valid only for the campaign's duration, subject to product availability. If sale products are out of stock and unavailable, Wonder SHOP is not obliged to ship these products or provide replacements.

Wonder SHOP reserves the right to cancel or correct any orders in the event of inaccuracies in product pricing due to pricing errors or other mistakes. Orders can also be canceled or corrected if the wrong product is shipped or if an incorrect quantity is shipped. Wonder SHOP can cancel an order if it appears that a product on sale is being purchased in bulk for resale. Canceling or correcting an order in this manner carries no consequences for Wonder SHOP, and this action must occur within seven (7) days following the order confirmation.

7. Making a Payment

To make a payment for an order, Wonder SHOP offers various reliable and trustworthy payment methods, all of which are visible on Wonder SHOP when placing an order.

8. Shipping

Wonder SHOP uses the Finnish postal service (Posti Group Oyj) to deliver orders. The shipping fee is added to the order's total price and is displayed during the order confirmation process before payment.

Delivery times may vary based on product availability. If a client orders an item that is not available, Wonder SHOP can cancel the order with no consequences. Such a situation may arise during a limited-quantity sales campaign, if the quantity of a product shown in stock is incorrect, or if there are delivery issues beyond Wonder SHOP's control.

Wonder SHOP may choose to ship orders in separate parts if deemed appropriate. Items available can be delivered immediately, with the remaining items sent later when they become available. Wonder SHOP may also delay shipping for up to one week without client notification to produce all necessary items for the order. If the delay extends beyond one week (7 days), the client will be notified.

Wonder SHOP is not liable for delays or other damages caused by force majeure. Force majeure for Wonder SHOP encompasses unpredictable situations or changes in circumstances entirely beyond its control.

9. Returns and Replacements

Clients have a 14-day window after receiving an order to request replacements. Once an order is placed on Wonder SHOP, it can only be replaced, not returned and refunded. The client is responsible for the cost of shipping when replacing a product. Replacement can only occur if the product is in perfect condition, unused, and undamaged. The client must provide a receipt or similar proof of purchase when requesting a replacement. The product must be shipped immediately after notifying Jasu Wonder World (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of the replacement. The return address for all orders from Wonder SHOP is:

Jasu Wonder World Ahkiomaantie 6 B 29 96300 Rovaniemi Finland Phone number (if needed): +358 469389546

Orders that are custom-made for the client cannot be canceled or have products replaced. These products include original artworks, commissions, gift cards, and custom-made products with added text or different dimensions from those available on Wonder SHOP.

When replacing a product, the client is responsible for packaging it securely to ensure it arrives undamaged at Jasu Wonder World. Jasu Wonder World is not obligated to replace a product that was damaged during shipping due to inadequate packaging. Clients should retain all documents related to their purchased item until a replacement is provided by Jasu Wonder World.

10. Warranty and Liability for Errors

The warranty provided by Wonder SHOP covers material defects and production errors in an item. The warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper use of an item. The client must present a receipt or similar proof of purchase when making a warranty claim. The client is responsible for promptly notifying Jasu Wonder World of any product errors they have received. Jasu Wonder World will provide the client with a faultless replacement product. A notice of error should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The client must supply adequate proof of the errors in the product, including a written description and a photo.

If a product error causes any inconvenience to the client, such as an inability to use or have the product, this inconvenience will not result in any consequences for Wonder SHOP. Wonder SHOP retains the right to cancel or correct any orders as per these general terms and conditions.

11. Exceptions in Terms and Conditions for Business Customers

For business customers, Jasu Wonder World's liability for errors is limited to the price of the ordered products. Wonder SHOP is not liable for consequential damages, such as loss of income. Consumer protection legislation does not apply to business customers, and parts of these terms and conditions that refer to consumer protection legislation do not apply to business customers.

12. Force Majeure

Wonder SHOP is exempt from its obligations under these general terms and conditions in the event of force majeure. Wonder SHOP is not liable for any inconvenience experienced by the client due to Wonder SHOP's inability to fulfill its obligations under these terms and conditions because of force majeure. Force majeure for Wonder SHOP includes unpredictable situations or changes in circumstances entirely beyond its control.

13. Changes to Services and These Terms and Conditions

Jasu Wonder World may modify the website www.jasuwonderworld.com, its content, or these general terms and conditions as needed. The valid terms and conditions are available on Wonder SHOP at the time of placing an order.

14. Dispute Resolution

Disputes related to this contract that cannot be resolved through negotiation are settled in the court of domicile of Jasu Wonder World. For regular customers with permanent residences in Finland, the court of domicile can also be the customer's. Regular customers can also contact consumer protection or take disputes to the Consumer Disputes Board.

15. Conditions for Purchasing an Original Artwork

When a client pays the full price for an original artwork, they become the owner of that specific piece but do not acquire its copyrights. The client is not permitted to copy or duplicate the artwork for any monetary or promotional purpose that would lead to financial gain; this right is retained solely by the artist (Jasmine Hintsala), who retains the copyrights.

The client can purchase the full copyrights of an artwork through a separate agreement. The client will receive a document signed by the artist (Jasmine Hintsala) confirming the transfer of copyrights.

As the owner of an original artwork, the client has the right to sell the original piece. The client can take photographs of the original artwork for personal use only. Any photographs intended for monetary or promotional purposes that would result in financial gain are prohibited; this right is reserved solely by the artist (Jasmine Hintsala), who retains the copyrights.

Once the full price of an artwork is paid, the transaction cannot be canceled, and no refunds are possible. An original artwork cannot be replaced within 14 days of receipt, as the transaction is binding. If the price of an original artwork is paid in installments, there is no possibility of a refund, even if the full price is never paid, and ownership remains with the artist (Jasmine Hintsala). For installment payment contracts related to an original artwork, clients can contact the artist via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at +358 46 9389546.

If a client violates these conditions, they may be required to pay the artist (Jasmine Hintsala) three times the amount they paid for the original artwork. Additionally, if the client has made money using the original artwork in contravention of this contract, they are obligated to pay that amount in full to the artist (Jasmine Hintsala).