About Commissioning

When contacting the artist about commissioning, please consider the following:

  • Budget: Do you have a specific budget for the commission? Sharing your budget with the artist helps her determine the type of commission she can create for you.

  • Size: What size do you want your commission to be? The size and details of the artwork significantly affect the final price.

  • Subject: What is the subject of the artwork? What elements do you want included? You can let the artist decide the subject or parts of it, but be sure to inform her of any crucial details.

  • Technique: What technique do you want the artist to use? Options include watercolors, pencils, colored pencils, or digital media.

  • Photo Reference: If a photo reference is needed, ensure the picture is of sufficient quality and size. The artist will not accept small or blurry reference photos.


  1. How much does a commission cost? You can find rough examples of commission prices on the Services Pricing page. These examples are primarily for watercolor paintings; pencil portraits or digitally colored drawings can cost significantly less. For an estimated price, contact the artist at [email protected] or [email protected].

  2. Are your original paintings on sale? Yes, my original artworks are available for purchase on my online store, Wonder SHOP.

  3. Are your art products only available online? I sell my products at various events, mainly in Finland. Follow me on social media (@jasuwonderworld on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to stay updated on my event schedule. I also have a mini-gallery in Rovaniemi, Finland, at Huvilatie 8-10 B11. Check the opening hours on the website front page or my social media before visiting.

  4. Do you ship worldwide? Yes, except to countries where delivery is hindered by conditions such as war, humanitarian crises, or political reasons.

Other Important Information about Commissioning

  • Payment: Half of the final price must be paid before the artist begins the work.

  • Frames: The commission includes only the artwork, not any frames.

  • Conditions: When commissioning the artist, the client agrees to the conditions specific to their commission. These conditions are sent to every client for acceptance before the artist starts working.

  • Inquiries: For any questions about commissioning, contact the artist at +358 469389546 or [email protected].

Use of Jasu's Artwork (Publishing License)

If you wish to use images from this website, including photographs of Jasu and her artworks, you must obtain a Publishing License from us, whether for commercial or educational purposes. Most of Jasu's drawings and paintings are available for illustrative purposes. Please let us know how you intend to use the artwork, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.