JWW 2023 Calendar: June


Half way there with these calendar illustration blog posts, good job Jasu! ?

I originally planned the "June-horse" to have flowers and leaves flowing out of her mane, and the ground she was running on was supposed to be covered with flowers as well. However, I ended up changing my plan since there were flowers in the illustration of May and there would be flowers again in the illustration of July and I didn't want the three following illustrations to resemble each other too much. So I decided to emphasize the flow-effect of the horse's mane and make the grass on the ground match it, like a sea of green waves. I also ended up adding some flowy lines on the sky, giving an impression of the air and wind rushing through the mane and grass.

Here's the original sketch for the illustration. You can see the flowers that I planned to have all around the horse. On the left is the detailed sketch I used for the actual illustration; the flowers have been replaced by a sea of flowing grass, mane and wind.

And here's evidence of everything that happened on the watercolor paper. ? Below is the scanned version of the finished illustration. The original painting is available for purchase here on Wonder SHOP, as well as prints. Of course, the calendar is available too, you can get it here~

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Sunday, 10 December 2023

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