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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 14

To get to the comic diary update where I start covering my healing journey, click here 

My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 12

As a little bonus, below you see a page from the very first finished comic I created about the girl and the Pegasus. The page on the right is from Niki's story.

My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 10, "My Artist Dream"

You can find the earlier comic diary update about Lena Furberg  here.
I finished this portion of comic diary a while ago but completely forgot about it for a couple of weeks! Here it is finally, sorry for the wait!
This time you'll get to know more about how the story of Sebastian was created. The finished book is available in Finnish here on Wonder SHOP. I have recently finished the English translation of the story and will let you know as soon as the English version of the book is available! You can find all the illustrations I created for the sto...
 The incident where I asked a stranger to drive me to the railway station is here in this earlier comic diary update.
 Lately I've been sharing details of my early artist career, and the events that lead to the decision to pursue such a path to begin with. There are so many things that have happened that I simply cannot share every detail. However, I hope this comic diary gives you at least a rough idea of my journey so far. Enjoy! 
I don't usually add any text to the blog posts about my comic diary, but this time I just want to inform you all that there is a second gallery below the first one. You see, I wanted to separate the part of the comic diary where I start talking about my journey out of depression and give it its own gallery.
Here are the updates on my comic diary from the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. I'm having a little train trip tomorrow so I might finally be able to make some more comic diary updates!
Here you have the first part of my comic diary!  As you might know, my inktober didn't end up being all about anatomy despite me declaring so...