My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 17


Having finished this comic diary update months ago, I think it's about time I finally uploaded it, eh?  Just one disclaimer before we dive into the diary; If you follow me on social media, you might've come across the news of me moving to Helsinki. Now, this comic diary update is not referring to my Helsinki apartment, but the apartment I'm st...

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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 16


A quick comic diary update before I run to Sweden and Närcon! In case you wonder why I haven't been posting anything on my blog for a long time, that was because the blog refused to work and now after A LOT of maintenance (according to the website admin), it should be fixed. Surely, this blog post is a solid proof that it is so. Enjoy the...

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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 15


Oh dear... It's been about one and a half YEARS since my last comic diary update! About time we fixed this. If you can't exactly remember where we left off (wouldn't be a surprise at this point), here's a link to the previous part of the diary.And if you need even more refreshing for your memory, here are all the 14 previous comic diary updates. An...

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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 13


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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 11, My Artist Life Update


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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 10, "My Artist Dream"


You can find the earlier comic diary update about Lena Furberg  here.

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A Day in My Artist Life - Comic Diary, part 9


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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - part 8


I finished this portion of comic diary a while ago but completely forgot about it for a couple of weeks! Here it is finally, sorry for the wait!

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My Wonderful Artist Life - Comic Diary, part 7


This time you'll get to know more about how the story of Sebastian was created. The finished book is available in Finnish here on Wonder SHOP. I have recently finished the English translation of the story and will let you know as soon as the English version of the book is available! You can find all the illustrations I created for the sto...

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My Wonderful Artist Life - Comic Diary, part 6


 The incident where I asked a stranger to drive me to the railway station is here in this earlier comic diary update.

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My Wonderful Artist Life - Comic Diary, Part 5


 Lately I've been sharing details of my early artist career, and the events that lead to the decision to pursue such a path to begin with. There are so many things that have happened that I simply cannot share every detail. However, I hope this comic diary gives you at least a rough idea of my journey so far. Enjoy! 

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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 4


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My Wonderful Artist Life Comic Diary - Part 3


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Ever since my official career as an artist started, I've wanted to create this drawing. Jasu Wonder World company was registered on 11th of October which, funnily enough, is only one day after the birthday of Naruto Uzumaki, a fictional character that this blog post is going to be all about. Years ago, around the age of 17, I started following a Ja...

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For once I was well in time, writing a blog post about Desucon just a week after it. Then, once I was about to proudly announce the publication of the post, it disappeared. Now, almost a month after Desucon, I'm writing the whole thing all over again. I can only hope it's going to be as good as the first one.  Some new products I had on sale f...

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I've been thinking of creating a new artist profile picture for almost a year now. I don't exactly know where I got the time to work on it but above all I'm happy that it's finally done. Without further elaborating on my busy schedule, let me offer you the work-in-progress material of this new artist profile picture. At first my plan...

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Here are the updates on my comic diary from the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. I'm having a little train trip tomorrow so I might finally be able to make some more comic diary updates!

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