JWW 2023 Calendar: August


I'm really reeeaaally happy about how this one turned out! Just like I imagined and even better! I'm particularly happy with the colors, they blend with each other in a perfectly soft way; the clouds, the forest, the horse... Looking at the finished painting I cannot help but wonder how on earth did I even do all that. 😂

Sometimes I really need to put some effort into a painting in order to make my vision come true, and sometimes, like with this illustration, it feels like it all happens on its own with zero effort for my part whatsoever. I guess creating art is not so different from running or cycling; there is uphill and there's downhill on the way. And it is thanks to the uphill that one can truly appreciate the downhill.

Enjoy the work-in-progress material of the illustration of August! 

On the right there are the initial sketch and the detailed sketch of the artwork. Below you find pictures of the painting process, and lastly the scanned artwork.

The original painting is available on Wonder SHOP, as well as prints. Of course, the calendar is now on sale as well, with all the 12 illustrations in it.

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