JWW 2023 Calendar: November


Another perfect horse painting! Needless to say, another favorite of mine.

Of course there needs to be a shiny black horse in a horse-themed calendar. And what would be better than a shiny black horse with shiny stars floating around its mane and tail? I really don't know.

A magical environment acts as the cherry on top of the cake; Purple and pink clouds with a golden glow to them. This painting has all the qualities of a perfect artwork, if you ask me. 😜

Alright, enough of rambling, now please enjoy the work-in-progress material I present to you. On the right you can see the hasty initial sketch of the artwork, and the more deliberate sketch that I used for tracing the lineart on watercolor paper.

In the gallery below you find photos of the painting process. Enjoy!

Here's the finished, scanned painting. The original artwork, prints and cards are on sale on Wonder SHOP. ❤️

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